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Writing and GPS

Following the CLPE's Power of Reading, each year group will cover a variety of texts to ensure  the teaching and learning of reading, writing and GPS is engaging and inspiring. In order to incorporate all of English and ensure children are aware of the links within the subject, children will explore a key text related to their topic. Through exploring the text, children will have the opportunity to see high quality vocabulary and accurate use of punctuation which will be used as a stimulus for their GPS lessons. Further to this, children will use these skills in their extended pieces of writing.
Each year group has produced a document showing the topic which they will be covering, key texts they will be exploring, genres of writing they will be creating and the GPS skills they will be learning to go with their writing. Through their learning of skills and a specific text type, children will produce an independent piece of writing. These unaided pieces of writing will be assessed using statements on Target Tracker, as well as the Interim Framework in years 2 and 6.

Have a look at the links below for more information on the topics, key texts, genres of writing and GPS links for each year group:

Year 6 English Curriculum

Year 5 English Curriculum

 Year 4 English Curriculum

Year 3 English Curriculum

Year 2 English Curriculum

Year 1 English Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage will be working on children's likes which will vary according to the cohort so this will be updated termly.
 As stated above, we use key texts to aid our teaching of GPS. In addition this, our school follows Read Write Inc Spellings scheme. To find out more information, have a look under the 'Phonics & Spellings' section of the website.

In order to find out more about English at Downsview including Spoken Language and handwriting, please have a look at our English Policy below and the Policy section of the website. If you have any questions in relation to any aspect of English, please feel free to speak to your child's class teacher or Mrs Ashford the English Leader.