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Extended Schools

Extended School Day

As a community school, we work very hard in partnership with parents and families as well as the wider community aspect of Swanley. We understand that parents work and have busy schedules and in order to help support both the children and families, we provide extended school hours in the form of our Breakfast Club and ‘School’s Out’ (our After-School Club).

Breakfast Club

Run by Mrs Hazel Willetts, our Family Liaison Officer (FLO), Breakfast Club opens it’s doors at 8:00 a.m every school day. Entrance is via the Community Room door and children are met by Mrs Willetts or Mrs Douglas.

Our healthy breakfast consists of a choice of cereals along with toast and various spreads (e.g. jam, marmite etc). In addition, children are provided with fruit juice, milk or water. Once a week, ‘special breads’ (as the children often call them) are offered, such as crumpets.

Breakfast is such an important start to the day – learning becomes easier when the body and mind are fully energized! This makes our Breakfast Club a popular and happy place!

We charge £2 per pupil per session for a place at breakfast club – great value for a great start to the day! At 8:40 a.m, the children make their way to their classroom to start their learning.

For further information, please contact Mrs Willetts via the school office.

School’s Out

After-School Club is run by Mrs Sally Douglas, who also works as a Teaching Assistant here at Downsview. With her team of three other Teaching Assistants, children are provided with a wide range of activities including computer time, craft, games and PE. In fine weather, the children are able to make use of our extensive playground with trim trail and pirate ship!

School’s Out runs between 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. Parents can reserve a place by contacting Mrs Douglas via the school office. The cost of this 3 hour club is £9 per session for Downsview children and £11 per session for children from other schools - great value for money! Presently, the After-School Club has limited sessions available. If you require a space for a particular night of the week, please contact Mrs Douglas to discuss. A 'waiting list' has recently been created due to high demand.

In addition to Downsview pupils attending, we also collect children from other local schools (currently including High Firs and St. Paul’s) using our school minibus. An additional charge of £2.00 covers the transport/collection costs. If you know any other parents who need after-school provision please pass on our telephone number (01322 662594). We’d love to help solve their child care dilemma!