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Online - Safety at Downsview

Technology is a fast moving and ever-changing industry. At Downsview  Primary School, we strive to offer the latest devices and equipment to specifically enhance our children’s computing skills as well as aid their education throughout the curriculum.

We use laptops, tablet devices, word-pads, interactive  touchscreens and games consoles to learn and develop new and existing skills. Our resources have greatly improved levels of engagement and understanding.

However, we are acutely aware that our pupils need to learn new skills in a safe environment.

We have been working with Mr Tim Johnson, A CEOP Ambassador from Bexleyheath Academy to ensure that online safety at Downsview is robust and thorough. He has led a number of workshops with  pupils and has also worked with staff too.


At Downsview  Primary School, the safety of our pupils when online is really important. We plan and deliver regular e-safety assemblies and classroom lessons to ensure that our children know how to be safe and responsible when using the internet. Children are taught to report any concerns to an adult and use the following ‘motto’ to stay safe online:


  • ZIP IT– Don’t give out personal information
  • BLOCK IT– Only open trusted emails and attachments…if in doubt, delete it!
  • FLAG IT– Tell someone!

Our Computing and Online-Safety leader is Miss S Selmi who works as part of the IT Team within the school. For further ideas or information about responsible and safe internet use, please go to the 'Kool Kidz' area where you will find the Online-Safety Games Zone . The CEOP (Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre) site is particularly informative and helpful.

 CEOP  (click on this link to access the website)

Children are invited to visit the 'Kool Kidz' pages and explore a number of online games, that promote Online-Safety and help them to understand the importance of being safe online. 


 Safer Internet Day 2018

The theme for this year was being kind online. Below are links to the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 assemblies that the children took part in.

Key Stage 1 assembly

Key Stage 2 assembly