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Welcome to Year 5






Welcome to Year 5 – Rowling Class.

 After much thought and careful consideration, our year 5 class has decided to be named Rowling Class after the award-winning author J.K. Rowling. Through her bestselling book series Harry Potter, she has captured the imagination of both children and adults alike and has inspired both a love of reading and writing in many. As well as that, Rowling is an example of what can be achieved with hard work and determination. She faced many setbacks and rejections at the beginning of her career but she never gave up on her dreams; millions of people around the world are thankful that she decided to keep trying.

 These qualities that Rowling has shown are what I would like the children of Rowling class to embody throughout this year. With hard work, determination and a can-do attitude, we can all achieve our dreams!

 During the year I hope to provide the class with exciting and varied learning opportunities which will be fun and inspire a love of learning (and also a little bit of laughter). Already this year we have rocketed into space to learn about our solar system and space travel. We will continue on our journey of learning by traveling to a number of different times and places including The Shang Dynasty of China, Ancient Greece and the Mayan Civilisation. 


Please find the virtual 'Meet the Teacher' presentation below:

YEAR 5  'Meet the Teacher' presentation