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 foWelcome to the extraordinary explorers (year 4)





Please check this page regularly to keep up with what's been happening in Year 4. If you need to speak to me regarding your child, please email me. 

Thank you - Year 4 Team

Our Learning


Good morning Extraordinary Explorers, 

This is your final week of the term and this is your final week of learning for this academic year. I hope you have enjoyed the topics taught and I wish you all the very best for year 5! 

Guided reading for this week can be found here.

This covers reading lessons from Monday-Thursday.


SpaG English: Monday lessons

Maths: To understand properties of triangles

Science: Working scientifically to investigate reaction times


SpaG English: Features of an instructional text

English activity: /docs/Instructional_text_task.docx

Maths: Properties of quadrilaterals


SpaG English: Instructional text plan

English panning template : Flow map

Maths: Lines of symmetry


SpaG English: Begin writing instructional text

Maths: To complete a symmetrical figure

Topic: Natural disasters in America


SpaG English: SpaG English

Maths: Describe position on a grid

Art: Self portrait in style of an Andy Warhol painting



 Good morning Extraordinary explorers,

this week is sports week! I am going to set you some sporting challenges every afternoon this week and all afternoon work will either by health or sport related!

I also would like you to complete an activity log this week of any exercise you take part in: Exercise log

Also, thinking about next year, I would like you to complete an activity. You are all amazing! So, I would like you to complete this worksheet this week, filling in sentences explaining all of your fantastic qualities! I am an amazing person

Below are your lessons for this week:


English: SpaG English

Maths: Comparison, Sum and Difference

Science: To measure the effect of exercise on pulse rate

Reading: Guided reading activity

Sports activity: Egg and Spoon activity


English: SpaG English

Maths: Line Graphs

Reading: Reading

Afternoon: Read through the slides and complete the food group sorting activity, you will need scissors and glue!

Healthy eating slides             Activity

Sport: Balancing activity


SpAG English: Wednesday_08th_July.pdf

Maths: Line Graphs

Reading: /docs/Unusual_Olympic_Sports.pdf

Activity: Relay race


SpaG English

Maths: To identify angles

Reading: Do you have any books about famous sporting people at home? Use the internet or books to find 5 facts about an athlete and write them down.

Activity: Underarm throw

Design and Technology Thursday and Friday: To identify crops in season in the UK


SpAG English: SpAG English

Maths: To order angles

D & T: Complete the work set yesterday. 

Sport activity: Standing long jump









Welcome to the extraordinary explorer's class page. We are sure that you will enjoy hearing all the fantastic things we are learning about this year from your children. This is our class page, please check regularly for any relevant news about the class.

This term we are studying a range of fantastic texts, including: How to train your dragon, Varjak Paw, The demon dentist, Alice in Wonderland and The Green Ship.

To find out what topics will be covered this year click on the link below:

Long term plan:

Year 4 Curriculum Map

 Homework: As schools are closed to most people during the current outbreak of the Coronavirus, work will be set online every Monday and Wednesday by 09:00 am. Please check the website regularly with your children to see what work has been set.

In addition to this, we would strongly encourage parents or carers to practice times tables with your child regularly as they are expected to know all multiplications up to 12 by the end of the year.


Reading is very important to all children of all ages. During this time, if possible I would encourage your children to read as much as possible independently and with an adult.


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