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Apple Class - Miss Page

Apple Class have settled into life at Downsview well.

Please click on the link below to see what we will be learning this year:

EYFS Curriculum Overview

In Term 1 we learnt about 'Superhero's'. The children enjoyed learning about 'Supertato'. They had great fun making their own Supertatoes.


In Term 2 our topic was 'What happens while I am a sleep?'. We learnt  about day and night, nocturnal animals, stars and The Christmas story. The children wrote sentences using finger spaces and full stops. In Mathematics we learnt to add and subtract single digit numbers.


In Term 3 learnt about different types of transport and  discussed journeys that we have been on. Our key texts were ‘The Snowman’, ‘Naughty Bus’ and ‘The Train Ride’. Thank you for sharing photos on Tapestry; the children loved discussing them with their peers.


We also had great fun in PE this term. The children tried really hard to get changed into their PE kit on their own; they are defiantly getting quicker!


Term 3 Newsletter

In Term 4 our topic was 'Why are carrots orange?'. We learnt about fruit and vegetables, healthy eating, animal habitats and wrote poems. In Mathematics made numbers out of Numicon and Dienes, we  recognised coins, measured length.

Term 4 Newsletter

Term 4 Home Learning Challenges

In Term 5 our topic was 'Can you read me a story?' We learnt to recognise features of Traditional stories and Fairy Tales. We investigated what would happen to the Gingerbread man if he fell into the water and what material would make the best coat for him. In Mathematics we learnt to double and halve. 


In Term 6 our topic is 'Why do ladybirds have spots?'. We will be learning to name and recognise the features of mini-beasts. We are going to the theatre to watch 'What they Ladybird Heard'. 



Apple Class Term 3 2018

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Apple Class celebrate World Book Day (22 images)

Apple Class enjoyed making the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk for World Book Day.

Created: 25 Mar 18 19:59 | Last modified: 25 Mar 18 20:13

Apple Class Colour Mix (28 images)

Apple Class investigated how to make different colours

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Apple Class play in the snow (21 images)

Apple Class had fun playing the snow

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Apple Class Term 3 2018 (24 images)

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Apple Class Term 1 and 2 (22 images)

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